Cavachon Puppy Supply List

What you should have waiting at home for you new little one

  • Toys. The more the better! If they have plenty of appropriate toys and things to chew on they will be less likely to find inappropriate ones to chew on. Not to say that they still won’t be a naughty little puppy and chew up something that they shouldn’t but toys do definitely help, and puppies have very good taste- they go for the most expensive piece of furniture or antiques. There is also a difference between toys that they can have when they are alone and ones that they should have supervision with, if they can get any little pieces off or could possibly rip it they should not have it when they are alone. Good alone time toys are; hard chew toys, rope toys, balls, etc.
  • A Leash. We really like the retractable ones, it gives them a little more room to wander but still lets you have total control.
  • Collar or harness. If you have small children who would like to take the puppy for a walk a harness is better than a collar, that way it puts the pressure on the puppy’s chest instead of around their neck. It is still nice to have both a collar and harness, a collar for the puppy’s tags and a harness for walks.
  • Food/water bowls. We prefer the heavy crocks, that way they can’t tip their bowls over.
  • Kennel/cage. At first the area the puppy has in their kennel should not be much larger than what the puppy needs to sit, lay down, and turn around otherwise they will quickly learn to potty in the back and sleep in the front. Once the puppy is house trained then they can have a larger area.
  • Puppy food. We do send a small bag of puppy food home with each puppy, but you will either need to have another good, high quality puppy food or keep him on our brand (Pro Pac Performance Puppy). If you do not plan to leave them on our brand you will need to slowly and gradually switch foods over.
  • Treats. At first treats should only be given when they potty in the appropriate place, and should be given immediately after. You will want something that you can break into small pieces- we like the dog jerky it breaks very easy and is one of the best for training.
  • A plush doggy bed to lay in is always appreciated. They love to have something soft and warm to snuggle in, after all they did have siblings to snuggle with while they were here.
  • And lots of Patience and Love! A puppy can be a lot of fun, but is also a lot of work. They need love and discipline.

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