Potty Training Tips

  • At first you will want to take the puppy out every hour, he/she will probably not potty each time, but eventually will have to go potty.
  • Always take the puppy out the same door, to the same place, and say the same thing. It is a lot of repetition, but it works.
  • When he/she does potty outside, make a very big deal out of it, tell them what a good boy/girl they are, and give them a little treat. They may think you are goofy (as well as your neighbors), but, hey, it made you happy.
  • Don’t take the puppy outside just to play; then it gets confusing as to what you want the puppy to do. If you really want to play with your puppy outside, take him/her to a totally different area.
  • When the puppy has an accident in the house, pick it up in a paper towel and take it outside, that way there is scent out in your yard. That makes it a little easier for the puppy to know what they are supposed to do out there.
  • The first person to wake up in the morning needs to take the puppy out immediately, don’t wait to get yourself ready first, the puppy can’t hold it that long. Also don’t open the door of the kennel and let the puppy come out, you need to pick the puppy up and take it outside, otherwise as soon as it’s feet hit the ground its going to realize that it has to go potty and the puppy won’t be able to make it to the door.
  • Take the food and water away about an hour or so before bed, puppies are just like little kids, if they are empty, they can go all night.
  • Don’t be upset if the puppy doesn’t make it all night without an accident, especially that first night. The first night they don’t know if you are ever coming back! Once they realize that you are coming back, then they can hold it all night. That first night is very scary for a little puppy; they are taken away from friends and family and put in the dark alone.

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