Our Farm

The Meyers’ farm has been in our family for over 125 years and we have been raising puppies for over 25 years. The first dogs were a litter of Golden Retrievers whelped in the garage but now we have grown into a humble, family owned and operated kennel where we raise small breed dogs to go to happy homes. We are a Cavachon Breeder with 200 acres and a lake for the Cavachon puppies to explore. They love to go outside to play and look forward to it everyday (weather permitting during the warm months).

We are USDA licensed and (surprise) inspected kennel. USDA is extremely picky, they do not allow any cobwebs, fly specks, hair, etc. They have told us that we are one of the top kennels in Iowa (which from them is quite the complement!).

Our adults have inside/outside runs with heating and air conditioning, automatic feeder/water, automatic doors, and they have tender foot flooring with a fiberglass wash down system underneath. Our Iowa Mixed Breed Puppies have large indoor pens that they sleep in, their pens are about 5′ x 12′ with carpeting and tenderfoot flooring with the fiberglass wash down system. They also have automatic food and water, but they are even more spoiled – they also have a water bowl, dry food bowl, puppy kibble (that melts in their mouth to help them go from mom to eating hard puppy food), soaked puppy food with a splash of milk every morning, and a little canned Pedigree chopped beef also in the morning for an extra little treat.

Our puppies are very well cared for and spoiled! These puppies are our lives, everything we do revolves around them and their well-being. We are often told that our puppies/dogs have it better than some of our customers. One woman said she didn’t know how happy the puppy would be losing it’s lake front condo and moving to Beverly Hills! Don’t worry, that puppy has adjusted well to her new lifestyle.

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